SMA Sunnyboy 1.5


The SMA Sunnyboy 1.5 Grid Inverter is a grid connected, solar inverter perfect for private households.

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The SMA Sunny Boy 1.5-VL-41 inverter sets a new benchmark for small photovoltaic (PV) systems. Not only is it light weight (9kg) and small in size, it also has a wide input voltage range from 80 to 600V and is compatible with most of the commercially available panels. Within this flexible exterior design holds some of the most advanced inverter technologies such as OptiTrack Global Peak and integrated webservers. Some advantages of the SMA Sunny Boy 1.5-VL-40 inverter include:

  • High maximum efficiency of 97.2%
  • Easy to install as no wall mounting brackets are required.
  • Innovative communication methods with the integrated web server and a convenient web UI. Allows system monitoring to be done on a smart mobile device.
  • Can be integrated with the Sunny Portal and Sunny Place.
  • Able to establish zero export systems with just the SMA Energy Meter.

Specifications Overview:

Brand: SMA
Model: Sunnyboy 1.5
Maximum AC output power (W): 1500
DC Input voltage (VDC):
80 - 100
MMP voltage range:
160 - 500
Max. usable input current (MPPT1/MPPT2)
10A / 10A
Maximum efficiency: 97.2%
Weight (kg): 9.2
Size (mm) WxHxD 537 x 460 x 122
Ambient Temperature (Celcius): -40 to +55
Warranty: 5+5 years once registered with Fronius


Click here to download the SMA Sunnyboy datasheet for more information.

Additional information

Weight 9.2 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 46 × 35.7 cm


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