Fronius Primo 4


The Fronius Primo 4.0kW Grid Inverter is a grid connected, solar inverter perfect for households.

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The Fronius Primo is perfect for Households and self-consumption systems. The integrated energy management relay allows the self-consumption component to be maximised. A host of other smart features make the Fronius Primno one of the most future-proof inverters in its class: for example, integrated datalogging, simple connection to the internet by WLAN, or plug-in card technology for retrofitting additional functions.

Specifications Overview:

Brand: Fronius
Model: Primo 4.0
Maximum AC output power (W): 4000
DC Input voltage (VDC):
80 - 1000
MMP voltage range:
210 - 800
Max. usable input current
12A / 12A
Maximum efficiency: 98.1%
Weight (kg): 21.45
Size (mm) WxHxD 429.26 x 627.38 x 205.74
Ambient Temperature (Celcius): -40 to +55
Warranty: 5+5 years once registered with Fronius


Click here to download the Fronius Primo datasheet for more information.

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 42.9 × 62.7 cm


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