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Can my local electrician fix my solar system?

Solar is specialised, and it is unlikely that your local electrician has done the extra training and exams needed to understand solar. Always choose an accredited electrician, as only they are licensed to install solar systems, so they are the best people to fix them.

How do I know if my solar system is working properly?

Unless you have a very old inverter with no display, your inverter should show how much power it has made since it was installed, and how much it has made so far today. Compare these numbers to the projections your installation company should have given you, to see if it is performing as expected.

What about if my inverter has no display?

This is harder to tell, but not impossible. Pick a day when you are going out for the day, and switch everything off in the house, then read the ETSA meter at the beginning and end of the day (menu 9 on your meter). This will tell you how much you have exported, and as you have used nothing, also what your system has made.

I’ve just had a power cut and my solar system isn’t working?

Solar systems only work when they are connected to the grid, and the power is working. When there is a power cut the solar system will switch off, but it should automatically start back up when the power is back.

It still isn’t working and the power is back?

Sometimes when there is a power cut or the power flickers, the main switch can be tripped off. Check the main solar switch in your meter board/sub-board is on, as well as the AC and DC switches by the inverter. If you have tried this and it still isn’t working, contact us.

How do I know whether my inverter is faulty?

If your inverter is displaying an error message, look in your inverter handbook for guidance on the error. In most cases the problem will not be the inverter, instead the inverter will be reporting an error somewhere on the solar system. Inverters do go wrong from time to time, but in most cases it is not a faulty inverter.

Important Note

Some of these answers will be different depending on which state you are in.

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